Philips Master PL-S Fluorescent, G23 2 Pin

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  • quick overview

    MASTER PL-S is an efficient low-wattage compact fluorescent lamp,
    typically used for decorative and orientation purposes. The original
    Philips-invented bridge technology guarantees optimum performance
    in the application, enabling more light and higher efficacy than
    bent technology. The 2-pin version is designed for operation on
    electromagnetic gear and is provided with a plug-in/pull-out lamp base

    Alternative for the 9W: OSRAM DULUX S Fluorescent 9 Watt, G23 2-Pin

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    Philips Philips Philips Philips
    SKU 927935284011 927935684011 927936084011
    Weight 22.000 g
    26.000 g 32.000 g 43.000 g
    Wattage 5 Watts  7 Watts 9 Watts 11 Watts
    Additional Info Non-Dimmable Non-Dimmable Non-Dimmable Non-Dimmable
    Cap Type G23 G23 G23 G23
    Luminous Efficacy 48 lm/W 57 lm/W 67 lm/W 77 lm/W
    Beam N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Lamp Current 0.180 A 0.175 A 0.170 A 0.155 A
    Approx. Life 10,000 hrs 10,000 hrs 10,000 hrs 10,000 hrs
    Lumens 250 lm 400 lm 590 lm 900 lm
    Voltage Ballast Ballast Ballast Ballast
    Color Cool White 4000K Cool White 4000K Cool White 4000K Cool White 4000K
    Length (mm) 105mm (Inc Base) 135mm (Inc Base) 167mm (Inc Base) 235.8mm (Inc Base)
    Width (mm) 28mm 28mm 28mm 28mm