• product details
    Manufacturer Mi-Light
    SKU LS2
    Total Power (W) 180W @ 12V DC / 360W @ 24V DC
    Length (mm) 124
    Width (mm) 38
    Height (mm) 23
    Weight (g) N/a
    Current 15A Max
    Voltage DC12V~24V
    Remote Operating Distance 30 Meters (Check Individual Remote for Spec)
    Mounting Type N/a
    Transmission Frequency 2.4GHz
    Compatible Remote Controller FUT089, FUT088, FUT092, FUT096, FUT006, FUT007, FUT091, B1 / T1, B8, B2 / T2, B4 / T4, B3 / T3, B0, FUT087, WL-Box1
    Compatible LED Strips Single Color, CCT, RGB, RGBW, RGB + CCT
    Wifi Compatibility Yes via IBOX2 or WL-BOX1
    Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Comaptibilty Yes via WL-BOX1 Gateway

    Mi-Light 5-in-1 Smart LED Strip Controller Model No.: LS2 Working Voltage: DC12V~24V Work Temperature: -20~60℃ Max Output: 6A / Channel Total Output Max: 15A RF: 2.4GHz Transmitting power: 6dBm Control Distance: 30m Connection: Common anode Compatible with Single Color, CCT, RGB, RGBW, RGB + CCT LED Strips More Details – Please visit catalogue link