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    Manufacturer: Mi-light
    SKU: B4
    Work Temperature: -20~60℃
    Voltage: 3V (2*AAA Battery)
    Transmission Frequency: 2400 - 2483.5MHz
    Modulation Method: GFSK
    Transmitting Power: 6dBm
    Control Distance: 30m
    Standby Power: 20uA
    Panel Size: 86*86*19mm LxWxD)
    Compatible Products IBOX 2, WL-BOX1 (Wifi Gateways) , FUT037, FUT038, FUT039
    Compatible LED Strips RGB & RGBW & RGB+CCT
    Wifi Compatibility Yes via IBOX2 or WL-BOX1
    Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Comaptibilty Yes via WL-BOX1 Gateway

    Mi-Light Battery RGB+CCT Smart Wall Panel Remote This LED Strip controller can be used for both RGB & RGBW & RGB+CCT Temperature controlled white LED strips. The wall-mounted controller works just on AAA batteries, which means it can be mounted anywhere in the home or office withing a 30m range of the receiver. The colour […]