Door Chimes & Bells

  • Friedland D142 Atlana Doorchime 8V AC / Battery
    15.26 inc. VAT
  • Friedland D534 Lightspot Push Button Black 8V 2A AC
    7.49 inc. VAT
  • Robus Chime, for use with Doorbell Connect, White
    Robus Connect Chime for use with Doorbell
    23.71 inc. VAT
  • Friedland D792 Underdome Bell 8V AC
    16.05 inc. VAT
  • Robus Doorbell Connect, WIFI, with 1080p camera, 2-way audio, IP44, Black
    Robus Connect Doorbell 1080p Camera
    138.98 inc. VAT
  • Friedland D782 Tarnsformer 8V AC 1A Din Rail
    13.70 inc. VAT
  • Friedland D182 Minibuzzer 8V AC
    15.97 inc. VAT